WheelsMaster suggests: 2006 Maserati Quattroporte fitment

Q: Hello, I am looking for Matte Graphite rims, 20×9 on the front, and 20×10 on the rear (spacers likely needed), 5×114.3 for 2006 Maserati Quattroporte
A: Yes, we do have few quite affordable Matte Graphite options,
for example:
Asanti Black Label ABL-14 MG


Asanti Black Label ABL-20 MG

Suggested package:
Rims: Asanti Black Label ABL-14 MG
Front: 20×9.0 PCD 5×114.3 (5×4.5) ET35, 6.4″BS
Rear: 20×10.5 ET38, 7.2″BS
Tires: Nexen N Fera SU1
Front: 245/35R20
Rear: 285/30R20

Q: Thank you for your response. I am looking to create the most concave appearance possible on the rear wheels.
Several other Maserati owners have added spacers to help add wider wheels/tires on the rear.
I would like to go with a wider set of tire on the rear. I do not want to create a situation where the wheels look took wide for the tires (see the photo below).
I have seen up to 325 on the rear but the owner had on 325x30x19. I am interested in 20″ wheels. Any suggestions for getting a wider profile on the rear?


A: Then you will need wider rear rims, like 10.5.
Still 325 will be too wide for it.
I’d suggest following sizes:


For example:
Front: 20×9.0 PCD 5×114.3 (5×4.5) ET38, 6.5″BS
Rear: 20×10.5 ET45, 7.5″BS
Tires: Nitto NT 555 G2
Front: 255/35R20
Rear: 305/30R20


BTW, it’s another Matte Graphite option:

Or we can consider a bit narrower, but more affordable tires:
Front: 245/35R20
Rear: 285/30R20
Plus tire walls will be more “flush” with rims:

No spacers required.
But if you will decide to pull wheels out,
we can supply them, no problem.

* Regarding the photo:
I afraid, such set up will require some suspension and body mods (like rolling fenders).
Packages above will fit like OEM, no mods, no issues.

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